1.     Public Lecture (learning in mobile societies)

2.     Language Learning  (keynote in Saarbrucken)

3.     Mobile Learning: Practices that Enrich Learning (seminar for SUNY)

4.     ALT_C MOONLITE (a refugee project)

5.     WISE (plenary in Qatar)

6.     Mobile and connected: the challenges and implications (keynote for Eduserv)

7.     Mobiles and Education in Africa (invited talk for UKZN South Africa)

8.     Mobile and Social Technologies (keynote for Tec de Monterey)

9.     Blended learning with mobiles (keynote for Epic)

10.  The Future of Mobile and Contextual Learning (keynote for Dutch OU)

11.  Mobiles for Learning in Africa....Too Good to be True? (talk for UNESCO Chair)

12.  Online Learning Design Skills (Stanford Guest Speaker)

13.  Interview for UNESCO

14.  Mobile Learning (public presentation in Latvia)

15.  Rural Digital Futures (keynote in Queensland)

16.  Digital World1? And Digital World2 A Permanent Beta-version (interview on German TV)

17.  Mobile-Learning for the Hard to Reach (Qatar)

18.  Next Generation Learning (keynote in Sweden)

19. Public Lecture (decolonising educational technology) below

20. Fieldwork in Kenya (University of Manchester, innovative research methods)