John Traxler

 John Traxler, FRSA, MBCS, AFIMA, MIET, is a Professor of Digital Learning.

He holds Chairs from the Commonwealth of Learning for innovations in higher education and from UNESCO for Innovative Informal Digital Learning in Disadvantaged and Development Contexts. He is Academic Director for Avallain. He is Visiting Professor at the University of Gloucestershire.

He is a Founding Director of the International Association for Mobile Learning. He  is co-editor of the definitive, Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Educators and Trainers, available in Korean, and of Mobile Learning: the Next Generation, available in Arabic, of Mobile Learning and Mathematics, of Mobile Learning and STEM: Case Studies in Practice, of Mobile Learning in Higher Education: Challenges in Context, of Critical Mobile Pedagogy, and of Digital Learning in Higher Education: Covid and Beyond, and many keynotes, panels, papers, articles and chapters on all aspects of learning with mobiles and other digital technologies.  

He was a pioneer of mobile learning, starting in the 2000s with the immediate issues of technology and pedagogy but becoming, in the 2010s, more concerned with the impact and consequences on societies, cultures and communities of massive mobility and connectivity, especially for those far from the national or global mainstream, established and secure. His papers have been cited over 10000 times and Stanford lists him in the top 2% in his discipline globally.  

He has worked on many digital learning projects and missions, mostly in England, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, most recently on commissions from UNESCO, the International Telecommunication Union, the Commonwealth of Learning and the Edtech Hub. He is a member of the ESRC Peer Review College and  the QS Rankings Advisory Board. He is a frequent external examiner for PhDs, both in the UK and overseas, and for postgraduate courses.

He is happy to discuss short-term or part-time initiatives and opportunities.



Mobile: (+44) 773490 2363

Skype: johntraxler

Twitter: @johntraxler